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The importance of A New Day Cambodia (ANDC)

A New Day Cambodia is an organization providing food, education in non-government schools and shelter for children from impoverished families living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Founded by Bill Smith who visited Southeast Asia on a regular basis, the organization has grown from a spontaneous desire to financially support families whose children were forced to make money by scavenging and living on a garbage dump. The money these children made for their families was the equivalent of $12 a month. By donating this amount of money to the parents on the condition that the sponsored children would not be expected to return to the dump anymore, the first steps in building the ANDC were taken in 2006.

The charity organization received money through donations and fundraisers and currently operates via two dormitories in Phnom Penh, where 99 children find food, education and safe housing. Job opportunities are created by employing Khmer to fill the positions at the dormitories and the most gifted children are enabled to attend the best schools. The organization intends to grow, funding permitting, and the cost to provide shelter, food and education and activities comes to approximately $1800 a year, per child. Every child receives supplemental teaching in the English language and the non-profit organization hopes to be able to help these children create a new type of live for themselves through education. This is the reason why the children all attend private schools rather than the government schools in Phnom Penh, that are considered to be too crowded and inadequate. Families whose children attend the program have one less mouth to feed and know that their child is receiving the best opportunities possible, to be able to lead a healthy and happy life in the future. A life in which child labor has no place.