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Eating out in Phnom Penh

Cambodia is known for its well seasoned and adventurous food. In Phnom Penh you don't have to look very far to find the best in Cambodian cuisine. Authentic dishes are prepared daily and are invariably cooked with the best and freshest ingredients. Whether you are visiting a gourmet restaurant or buying your street food at the local market, the quality is consistent.


If you would like to try something new, Phnom Penh offers a range of foreign (western and Asian) restaurants. Of course it is also easy to find French oriented restaurants because of the link between Cambodian and French cuisine. There are plenty of Chinese dumpling restaurants and take-away places to visit for a quick and cheap snack or meal. Traditionally Cambodian food is hardly ever too spicy or hot and the seasoning used is delicate and refined.


One dish to try is a popular meal called “amok”. This dish consists of gently stewed fish accompanied by a mild coconut curry and traditionally served in a coconut. There are many great restaurants to be found in the Boeung Keng Kang (BKK1) area as well as the river front. Street 278 in BKK1 is one of the best starting points for your search for the perfect meal. Make sure to try the traditional “num kachay” during your walks through Phnom Penh. These small cakes are made with glutinous rice flour and chives, fried in front of you and are usually served with a sweet fish sauce. This food has its origins in China and similar versions can be bought from street vendors in Thailand. The distinctive taste and pleasant texture of this dish will surprise you! Make sure to buy curry mixes and local seasonings to try your hand at cooking Cambodian food when you return home, as you will return home inspired!