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The Cambodia Daily

Cambodia daily.


It’s a rainy Saturday in the Penh, which is beautiful, inconvenient maybe, but beautiful. Lots of homes in the charming city rock tin roofs, and when the rain is soft like this you can hear such a pretty sound. The people here are so at home with the rain and the daily life is peaceful in a way that compliments it. I wasn’t used to much rain when I got here, I come from a desert, so during the rainy season I had to learn adapt to a different daily routine in the wet slowed down world. Actually I experience something amazing in Cambodia daily, or at least I should say I learn something in Cambodia daily. The day to day in this nation is a series of smiles, bustling streets and new smells. My memories of this place will always be of the Cambodian people I know, the fun with travelers i’ve had, and the endless wonderful sights, and sounds of the city. The city of Phnom Penh follows a daily routine, the place comes alive in the early morning when the air is cool, after lunch people tend to take a break and a nap, a little later in the afternoon sees regular showers in the monsoon season, in the late afternoon the businesses begin to close and by the early evening most of them are. The areas that cater to westerners are often filled with businesses that break the norm and stay open late or all night for the travelers and expats who live on a different schedule. By the time night falls on the city the place begins to grow quieter, people aren’t seen wandering around on motorbikes so much at night and the contrast is quite spectacular. Late night in the capital city of the Kingdom Of Wonder is home to some great nightlife but leaving the riverside and BKK1 areas you may find a city that seems very empty. By the time the sun rises of the charming city, it has become an alive again and vibrant place again.