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The Phnom Penh Post


Phnom Penh Post


I regularly receive The Cambodia Daily at the hotel, One Up, every morning, it’s is an English Newspaper publication you find in Phnom Penh, second in only to Cambodia’s famous newspaper founded in 1992 the Phnom Penh Post. But the other night I was talking to Sovy, the Khmer owner of One Up Banana Hotel, when a reporter from the Phnom Penh Post came to do an Interview with Sovy about his other guesthouse Top Banana. This is a cool thing to see since Sovy was beaming with pride, he has been in the business over eleven years now, and it was awesome to see him recognized for his great work in one of the largest news publications in his country. The Phnom Penh Post was the first and still is the largest, daily English Language newspaper published in the Kingdom of Cambodia, although a Khmer Version of the paper is also available. The article should be coming out in the next couple days, but if you are traveling to the Kingdom of Wonder, and want to stay up to date with the happenings of the country, don’t have access to internet or just plain like reading a newspaper, it should be easy to find and not expensive to acquire. I get the Daily delivered to the hotel, but still enjoy to the daily crossword puzzle in the Post when I have some free time. To get a copy of the Phnom Penh Post, you have plenty of options, it can be purchased on the street for about one dollar US, or you can have it delivered to your residence at a monthly rate. The Phnom Penh Post is made up of Journalists from around the world and the publication’s coverage of current events in and out of Cambodia is excellent.