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Phnom Penh Map

Phnom Penh Map

Maps of Phnom penh are not hard to find in the city, most guesthouses, restaurants and tour/travel agencies will have them available for free. That said, I think Phnom Penh is very simple to get around and you may not need a map after just a short time, a few days. The Phnom Penh map is pretty much a ladder or grid that was laid out by the French during the colonial times. Phnom Penh is divided into nine districts, called “khan” that are sub divided into “Khum” or communes “Sangkat”s or quarters and “Phum”s, or villages. The area generally considered to be “the city” by foreigners, and depicted in all the Phnom Penh City Maps you find around, fall into the 4 small districts that make up the densely populated east where the city meets the Mekong River. The district of Doun Phen is home to the ever popular Phnom Penh Riverside area, several embassies, the Lakeside (now defunct) and Wat Phnom, which the city takes its name from. Just to the west, beyond the lot where the lake used to be, you have Toul Kouk, sometimes referred to as a “suburb like” because it is a neighborhood of large houses and villas. The middle of the city is known as 7 Makara it is south of where the lake was sits with Monivong blvd on its eastern edge. The whole southern half of the city is Chamkar Mon, this includes the Tuol Tom Pong area, home of the “Psar Tuol Tom Pong” or “Russian Market” in English, a tourist favorite. Chamkar Mon also has the affluent BKK1 area, where my hotel One Up is, the most sought after place for restaurants, nightlife and housing for the foreigner population of the city, as well as having the highest population of travelers and expats in the city.