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Cambodia - Hun Sen

Hun Sen  - A background and overview 

Hun Sen is the current prime minister of Cambodia; he has been in power in the country since the Vietnamese installed the government in the state of Cambodia, Hun Sen is the leader of the CCP or Cambodian People’s Party, the largest and most popular party in the kingdom. The CCP currently makes up a coalition government with FUNCINPEC the Royalist party. During the Fall of Phnom Penh in 1974, Hun Sen was wounded lost his eye. Some time Later Hun Sen fled to Vietnam after a falling out with the Khmer Rouge. With a history as a battalion commander he was chosen to lead in the government that the Vietnamese had planned for Cambodia. He started as a Foreign Minister but rose quickly becoming prime minister and the chairman of the council of ministers in 1985. In the 1990s he shared the position of Prime Minister with Prince Norodom Ranariddh. This ended when the clashes in Cambodia began in 1997, and following the Coup he returned to being the sole prime minister. Public opinion of the prime minister is hot and cold, some love him and defend his positions fiercely, but also Hun Sen has drawn criticism in the past for his methods of for being a puppet ruling the country, claims he and the government of Cambodia adamantly deny. Sometimes people will not want to talk about politics or government, it can be a point of contention, and you have to respect that, this place has an interesting history and there are many different people with very different perspectives they might not feel comfortable sharing with a stranger. For these and other reasons I always suggest taking care when speaking about local Politics in Cambodia. Cambodians are the loveliest people I have come across in my traveling, and many people will be happy to talk with you about anything, and you will get sometimes surprising answers to questions.