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Phnom Penh Short Term Apartments

Many people would be surprised by how much Phnom Penh the capital city of Cambodia, has to offer as an amazing modern and metropolitan city. Business people from around the whole world work in the city and the place is modernizing at an outstanding rate. The country is becoming more like its neighbors and I imagine the growing skyscrapers will rival other major cities in a few more years. Right now is a great time to be doing business in the country, you still have the elements of the history and friendly culture that gave the city it’s slogan as the charming city. You also have the modern conveniences and technology of the western world at your fingertips. As a business person in Cambodia you will need a business or enterprise visa. With the visa you are free to work and live in the country (legally), I have met several of the work at home types, those who do freelance work in their perspective fields, as well as many people in things ranging from working at the UN to being a private English language tutor. There are many people doing short term staying in Phnom Penh who have the majority of their job in another country, you still need the proper visa of course, it’s only a few bucks more expensive than the tourist one. There are plenty of great cafe’s accommodations and services, in the city catering to the business community. You don’t have to look far to find them either, if you are in the west of the city, maybe on an assignment from your work, you might have more trouble due to the focus of the city being to the east in the BKK1 and Riverside areas. There are many places to stay for business in the city, unless you are stuck somewhere I’d suggest checking out the hotels like One Up in the BKK1 area. Bkk1 is centrally located, and much nicer than other places in the city. Staying there you can be close to your place of work regardless of its location in the city, as well as enjoy a nicer standard of living.