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ExPat Life in Phnom Penh

I’ve stayed long term in Phnom Penh since I arrived in Cambodia. I’ve stayed in both a house and on the rooftop of One Up Banana Hotel. Almost everybody here seems to find that staying long term in Phnom Penh is easy, and surprisingly so. My friends back home often tell me things like “I wish I could do what you are doing” or “I wish I could go there but I couldn’t afford it because...” and it almost makes me laugh because no one realizes how painless it is to visit this country, or how addicting. Almost always the people I or my friends know who do make it out here end up staying longer than they intended, and more than one have come back to live in the country, being enchanted by this amazing place. Do a little bit of reading online about Cambodia, before visiting. It’s good anyways for things like cultural sensitivity and safety, but it will make setting yourself up here a whole lot easier. For a long term apartment in the city you will want to have an E visa but you don’t absolutely need one. Without an E visa you can still rent long term from hotels, which isn’t necessarily more expensive since some nice western apartments in the city can cost upwards of a thousand dollars a month. With the visa proof of work, photo and money, you can rent an apartment in the city. Most of the foreign residents of Phnom Penh live in the BKK1 district of the city, as it is local to many great restaurants, nightlife, foreign businesses, NGOs, embassies and other government organizations. In BKK1 and the Riverside you can find many realtors who are willing to take you around and show you properties and they are not hard to get ahold of.