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Business Hotels in Phnom Penh

I really love the time I have spent in Phnom Penh Cambodia, and I’m not alone. I think there is a theme in conversation amongst the foreigners in the country, and I’m sure you would notice it if you were here. It’s that quite a few of us believe there is something so very special about this place, but we can’t quite find the words to describe it to our friends and relatives back home. Whatever this is we all feel, brings people back here time and again, you will meet people who have come and gone living here short term over the years, and countless travelers who felt they just had to come back. Phnom Penh is a great city for these kinds of people; it is a strong community, a lively scene and there are many affordable options to stay short term. There are business people staying at One Up with me who come from abroad and stay in the city for a couple months at a time just because they like the golf courses in the area, or are traveling with their rugby or football team. If you are working in the city and your “short term” is long enough, you can with an enterprise visa, rent an apartment in the city. However if your stay is too short, or you don’t have a job, you may have trouble with landlords who want more security and don’t want to rent. Many of my friends who come and go from the country find long term arrangements at the hotels and guesthouses in the city. If you want a proper apartment without a work visa or want to avoid living with shared accommodations (such as bathrooms) you may have to pay a bit more than the backpackers do, but hotels may offer deals for long term residents and your tourist visa is fine.